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    • Screw Injection Molding What are the Factors

      ① Screw speed and capacity of the relationship between speed and equipment capacity is proportional to the relationship. That is, productivity basically depends on speed, nosepiece and rod geometry. In the production has also been confirmed. Within a certain speed range, the production capacity is basically proportional to the speed of the rod.

      ② This relationship has an important guiding significance for production practice. It is one of the important ways to improve the production capacity of modern single-pole machines. If the rod and machine Jane segment of the ability to work at the same time, the main extruder, auxiliary equipment are allowed, then increase the rod speed can greatly improve the production capacity.

      ③ Screw geometry and capacity of the relationship between the diameter and productivity, productivity close to the diameter of the rod D proportional to the square, that is, a small increase in diameter, will lead to a substantial increase in productivity. Rubber machine screw cylinder advantages:
      Special special high-speed alloy steel, the overall quenching secondary tempering process. Particularly suitable for high corrosion products processing requirements, to ensure wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant products needed.
      1. Vacuum quenching, HRC56 ~ 61, suitable for nylon, PVC, PC, polyacetal resin, lenses, transparent shell, cosmetics containers, transparent acrylic, polycarbonate and so on.
      2. Vacuum quenching, HRC56 ~ 61, high temperature, high speed, suitable for bakelite, PC + glass fiber, magnetic powder, ceramic powder aluminum magnesium powder, iron powder, electric injection molding machines.
      4. Vacuum quenching, HRC56 ~ 61, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant high pressure, high speed.

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