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    Enterprise vision: Creating satisfying one package service.
    Enterprise tenet: Providing most high-quality products and honest service.
    Development goals: To be the leader in the industry, to be the first in China.
    Enterprise spirit: "unity and hard work, love and dedication; pioneering and innovative, dare for the world".
    Treat people with sincerity, build business with integrity: "Integrity" is the base of an enterprise. We do not harm others to benefit ourselves and do not angle for praises, instead, we keep our promises, cherish our honors, and base on integrity to seek development. Practicality means we have to always rely on the reality, tell the truth, do practical things, and seek practical results. We reject unfounded things, refuse fantasy, disdain baubles, but pursue rich and viable life. Pragmatism is a traditional virtue, which should be shining in all activities in our company.
    Consider the overall situation, achieve win-win result: efficient management requires us to do more tasks than targeted, and the quality should be the same as or even better than the target. Go all out to the target, until succeeded.

    Never stop, continuous to develop: Constantly improve the skill level and comprehensive quality, and to transform them into a motive force for the development. We uphold the innovative concept - "others don’t have but we have, others have but we have new, others have new but we have special”, to pursue scientific and technological progress and scientific management. We firmly believe that only under systematic and effective management, can we improve continuously .

    Keep improving, to be a winner: Through comprehensive performance management, the company and individual can progress and develop, and the overall performance and capacity of the company will improve. As a result, we can create values to interested party, and guide the company to success.

    Facing the trend of economic globalization, our company will base on the Zhoushan Islands, keep improving. Upholding the enterprise tenet of “creating quality products, to be a strong enterprise, contributing to society”, promoting the enterprise spirit of “team work, hard work, pragmatic and innovative, high-quality and high-efficient”, our company will practice scientific and innovative business ideas to make full use of the resources to enhance our competitiveness, and to create our own brand.

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