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  • Bimetallic barrel uses common metals that have certain mechanical strength as base materials, then compound a layer of special alloy material on the working face of the bore.

    • Bimetallic Barrel

      Barrel screw repairing tips:

      1. The diameter of the barrel enlarges due to abrasion, if there still has nitrided case, you can directly grind the barrel bore to achieve new diameter, then equip new screw depend on the new diameter.

      2. Through machining, casting new alloy to the barrel bore, control the thickness within 1 to 2 mm, and then finish machining into needed diameter.

      3. Generally, the homogenizing section of the barrel abrades faster than other sections, so you can finish the homogenizing section and equip it with a nitrided alloy bush, the bore diameter should be in accordance with screw diameter, but leave certain tolerance clearance.

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