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  • Specs:


    The above specification can be customized according to customer’s requirements.

    The screws can be designed according to different products and formulas.

    • Conical Twin-Screw & Barrel

      Base material: 38CrMoAIA(JIS SACM645)

      Material composition analysis:

      C: 0.35~0.42 Si: 0.20~0.45 Mn: 0.30~0.60

      S:≤0.035 P:≤0.035 Cr:1.35~1.65

      Al: 0.70~1.10 Ni:≤0.030 Cu:≤0.030 Mo:0.15~0.25

      Hardening and tempering treatment

      Nitrogen treatment

      Alloy spray welding

      Technical parameters:

      Tempering hardness: HB260-290

      Nitration case thickness: 0.50mm-0.80mm

      Nitriding hardness: 900-1000HV

      Nitriding brittleness: ≤ 1

      Surface roughness: Ra0.32 Screw straightness:0.015mm

      Alloy thickness: 2-3mm Alloy hardness:HRC58-65

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